Ref: 6100016

PIT-LINK TRAINER is the micro amplifier designed and constructed to be the perfect communication tool for karting. PIT-LINK TRAINER is a digital noise cancelling amplifier that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and enables you to communicate to the pit lane You can wear it around your neck and keep it inside your suit, fix it on your suit with a velcro patch, or on your helmet. It connects to the PIT-LINK helmet intercom kit via USB C connector. Communication is automatically on when the phone call is coming through. No need to press anything. The person at the pit lane will connect to the driver through a normal phone call PIT-LINK TRAINER requires PIT-LINK MICROPHONE KIT and PIT-LINK EARPLUGS to be setup in the helmet.

Features and Info


  • SUPER FAST Bluetooth
  • ADVANCED Noise cancelling
  • USB PORT (Type C) for recharging
  • INDEPENDENT volume
  • LONG LIFE RECHARGEABLE Internal battery
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