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Bell Racing teamed up with F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton to develop a special edition “Lewis Hamilton” of the KC7 CMR. Lewis Hamilton worked personally with Bell’s in-house custom paint team to create a custom graphic for the KC7 CMR with the signature elements and colors of his F1 design. This special edition KC7 CMR features a multi-layer red SE07 2mm visor, clear top and side air intakes, clear rear spoiler and HP helmet bag.

Features and Info


  • Lightweight carbon fiberglass Composite shell: 1,185g in sized 54 to 56 and 1,230g in sizes 57 to 59 (+ or – 3%)
  • Very attractive style based on HP7, used in F1 with a Graphic design similar to Lewis Hamilton's F1 helmet livery
  • Advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance
  • Optical grade injected Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) 2MM visor for anti-fog control and superior visibility
  • Powerful and effective top and chin bar ventilation system with 14 air intake and extraction channels for maximum ventilation
  • Clear Top and side Air intakes already mounted on the helmet
  • Rear spoiler already mounted on the helmet
  • Light ML Red shield Installed (SE07 2MM)
  • HP helmet bag included
  • Shell and shield design optimized to improve aerodynamic performance, reduce internal noise and enhance energy management capacities
  • KC7 CMR is NOT compatible with FHR anchor systems or devices
  • Synthetic rubber gasket seal to prevent dirt and water from entering the helmet
  • Shield and pivot kit: SE07 2MM, SV(SE07) (This shield only fit the KC7 Range)
  • Interior: Non-fireproof lining for extra durability
  • Black High Strength – High Comfort Fabric and synthetic leather
  • Available in 3 special editions: o LH 2019 White/Red Design o LH 2020 Black/Purple Design o LH 2020 White/Purple Design
  • Sizes: 54-55-56-57-58-59
  • Homologation: SNELL-FIA CMR-2016

In The Box

  • KC7 CMR LH
  • ML Red SE07 2mm Visor
  • Clear Top and side Air intakes
  • Clear Spoiler
  • HP Helmet Bag



  • Snell-FIA
  • CMR-2016
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SE07 2MM Replacement Shields

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#2010089: SE07 2MM Irridium Mirror DSAF
#2010090: SE07 2MM ML Red DSAF
#2010091: SE07 2MM ML Blue DSAF
#2010092: SE07 2MM ML Green DSAF

KC7-CMR SE07 Tearoffs

#10235C: SE07 Racing Optics (VP) X Stack (10) 2Mil
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#3435C4: SE07 Racing Optics (VP) Speed Stack (3) 4Mil
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#2030022: 5Mil SE07 (Thick) Tear-Offs 01527 (10)
#2030036: 2Mil SE07 (Thin) Smoke Tear-Offs 01227 (5)

SV (SE07) Pivot Kit

#2020011: SV (SE07) Pivot Kit & Screws Black
#2020012: SV (SE07) Pivot Kit & Screws Blue
#2020013: SV (SE07) Pivot Kit & Screws Red
#2020014: SV (SE07) Pivot Kit & Screws Silver
#2020015: SV (SE07) Pivot Kit & Screws Gold
#2020016: SV (SE07) Pivot Kit & Screws Purple
#2020017: SV (SE07) Pivot Kit & Screws Green
#2020018: SV (SE07) Pivot Kit & Screws Pink

HP7 / RS7 Carbon Air Intake

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#2060042: HP7 Air Intake Side Kit Clear (2 PCS)
#2060043: HP7 Air Intake Side Extractors Kit Clear (2PCS)
#2060044: HP7 Air Intake Kit Clear (4PCS)
#2060045: HP7 Air Intake Low Profile Kit Clear (2PC)
#2060051: HP7 Air Intake Kit Carbon Finish (2PC)
#2060052: HP7 Air Intake Kit Side Carbon Finish (2PC)
#2060053: HP7 Air Intake Kit Carbon Finish (4PC)

HP7 / RS7 Rear Spoiler

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#2050033: HP7 Rear Spoiler (V15) F1 Clear Medium
#2050034: HP7 Rear Spoiler (V15) F1 Clear Large

HP7 / RS7 Chin Bar & Top Gurney

#2050061: HP7 Chin Bar Gurney Clear Medium
#2050062: HP7 Chin Bar Gurney Clear Large
#2050083: Top Gurney Clear Large 6.55MM

HP Helmet Bag

#2120001: HP Helmet Bag Black
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