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As low as €1,850.00
The HP9 incorporates the advanced technology of the HP7 FIA8860 helmet in a sleek, modern profile for the ultimate in open-face helmet protection. With an ultra-lightweight carbon shell, integrated and adjustable visor peak and professional fit, HP9 is perfect for racers who want the feel of an open-face but demand outstanding comfort and superior performance.

Features and Info


  • Open face featuring ultra-lightweight FIA8860 carbon shell
  • Advanced multi-density, multi piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance
  • Adjustable sun peak with anti-glare strip
  • Removable ear cups to allow easy installation of rally radio set
  • Factory installed Hans anchors as original equipment
  • HP helmet bag included
  • Homologation: Snell SA2015 and FIA8860-2010 approved
  • Alternative interior fabric colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Tan, Violet, White and Yellow (by special order - additional charges will apply)
  • Color: Carbon, Glossy finish
  • Sizes: 57- to 61+

In The Box

  • HP9
  • Visor Peak
  • HP Helmet Bag
  • Hans Anchors Installed



  • Snell SA2015
  • FIA8860-2010

Interior Colors

For special order interior colors (S.O.), will be apply the addition of 150€ on the helmet price

Product Variations and Related Items


#1103001: 57 (7 1/8) HP9 Carbon Fiber
#1103002: 58 (7 1/4) HP9 Carbon Fiber
#1103003: 59 (7 3/8) HP9 Carbon Fiber
#1103004: 60 (7 1/2) HP9 Carbon Fiber
#1103005: 61 (7 5/8) HP9 Carbon Fiber
#1103006: 61+ (7 5/8 Plus) HP9 Carbon Fiber
#1103007: 57- (7 1/8 Minus) HP9 Carbon Fiber
#1103008: 59+ (7 3/8 Plus) HP9 Carbon Fiber

SV (SE03/SE05) Pivot Kit

#2020001: SV (SE03/SE05) Pivot Kit & Screws Black
#2020002: SV (SE03/SE05) Pivot Kit & Screws Blue
#2020003: SV (SE03/SE05) Pivot Kit & Screws Red
#2020004: SV (SE03/SE05) Pivot Kit & Screws Silver
#2020005: SV (SE03/SE05) Pivot Kit & Screws Gold
#2020006: SV (SE03/SE05) Pivot Kit & Screws Purple
#2020007: SV (SE03/SE05) Pivot Kit & Screws Green
#2020008: SV (SE03/SE05) Pivot Kit & Screws Pink

HP9 Peak

#2040044: HP9 Visor Peak Carbon Finish
#2040091: HP9 Sun Screen Lens for Visor Peak

HP9 Half Chin Bar

#2080067: HP9 Half Chin Bar

HP Helmet Bag Black

#2120001: HP Helmet Bag
#2120002: Helmet & Hans Bag Black Quilted
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