At Bell, we know racing is serious business and our Advanced Series helmets are as serious as it gets. Unmatched in performance and protection, Bell’s FIA8860 helmets are designed for top-level professional drivers competing in the premier forms of motorsports. Bell’s Advanced Series uses a proprietary high-pressure molding system to create an ultra-lightweight aerospace grade carbon shell combined with a high-performance multi-density energy absorbing liner system delivering the ultimate in protection. Advanced Series HP (High-Performance) helmets are the pinnacle of technology and innovation, representing the best of Bell.

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  1. HP77

    Ref: 112802X

    4.500,00 €
    The HP77, based on Bell’s highly successful, F1 World Champion proven HP7 design, provides the latest impact protection by lowering the visor opening by 12 mm and reinforcing the front of the helmet with advanced ballistic protection. The HP77 is the most advanced FIA8860-2018 helmet in Bell’s product line and sets a new standard for lightweight, aerodynamically superior carbon fiber helmet performance for the intense demands of open-wheel and open-cockpit forms of racing. The HP77 is homologated to the FIA8860-2018 ABP standard, the most rigorous sport helmet standard on the planet, designed for professional formula racers competing at the highest levels of the sport.
  2. HP7 EVO III

    Ref: Duckbill: 110104X - Std: 110106X

    From 3.250,00 €
    Developed through close collaboration with leading F1 drivers and teams, the carbon fiber HP7 is aerodynamically sleek, lightweight and efficient for the intense demands of open-wheel and open-cockpit forms of racing. The updated HP7 EVO-III meets the FIA’s FIA8860-2018 “super helmet” standard, the most advanced sport helmet standard in the world. Designed for professional drivers competing in high-speed forms of motorsports, the HP7 allows racers to take advantage of the latest technological innovations including aerospace composite materials and advanced energy absorbing liner systems.
  3. HP5

    Ref: 110200X

    From 1.950,00 €
    Designed for racers in closed-car environments, the ultra-versatile carbon fiber HP5 Touring seamlessly integrates external cooling systems (not included) while maximizing head protection with the same construction methods used to build the HP7. With visor peak and available side and top forced-air attachments, the HP5 delivers greater flexibility for multiple forms of racing and can easily accommodate speakers, hydration and intercom systems (available separately).
  4. HP9

    Ref: 110300X

    From 1.850,00 €
    The HP9 incorporates the advanced technology of the HP7 FIA8860 helmet in a sleek, modern profile for the ultimate in open-face helmet protection. With an ultra-lightweight carbon shell, integrated and adjustable visor peak and professional fit, HP9 is perfect for racers who want the feel of an open-face but demand outstanding comfort and superior performance.

4 Items

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