Ref: 2070161

Developed with professional drivers and racing engineers, the InterCooler 3 is a state-of-the-art piece of engineering. Thanks to its cutting edge technology, it is the most compact and efficient cooling unit available on the racing market

Features and Info


  • Carbon Fiber Housing - Machined aluminum heat sinks Compact controller with 4 positionson both cooling and blower fittings, controller and wire loom supplied
  • 2 insulated hoses (150cm) for driver air supplied
  • Size including brackets and nozzles : 470 x 150 x 132 mm
  • Weight : 2.65 kg - 3.3 kg with controller
  • Voltage : 12 V DC • LOAD : 28.5 Amps max cooling
  • Air fl ow : 750 Ltr/min
  • Cooling : 14.4°C Delta T with blower on highest position, 18.9°C Delta T with blower on lowest position
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